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My own works, acrylic

In my own pictures, I am interested in traces of chance; I am looking for working methods which leave traces as randomly and as unplanned as possible on the canvas. What is consciously put in a decorative manner I would like to avoid.

Found objects are being implemented, and I go over them again and again until the form is made visible in a new way (see Own works II and series: The aesthetics of things, Own works I). Here boundaries between picture, collage and object get blurry. Painting sometimes needs another dimension into space. Material on canvas can be a 3D experience, then the picture can be felt. These works are rather reduced and abstracted.

Structure, texture or surface character are important, contrasts – something scraped away lets previous layers come shining through again. The canvas gets cut, maybe sewed, I am experimenting with the possibilities and limitations of canvas and the stretcher frame.

And as Franz Erhard Walter put it:”A picture, it will become later.“

Examples of own works I:

maylis-ashley_eigene-arbeiten-1_01.jpg maylis-ashley_eigene-arbeiten-1_02.jpg maylis-ashley_eigene-arbeiten-1_03.jpg maylis-ashley_eigene-arbeiten-1_04.jpg maylis-ashley_eigene-arbeiten-1_05.jpg maylis-ashley_eigene-arbeiten-1_05.jpg