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The special memory of a special day

for couples, for example wedding couples:

An idea for a gift? Or an unconventional picture for yourself, maybe a memory of your wedding or of a part of your common life story. My paintings don’t resemble photographic images. However, a real, physical photograph can be incorporated within the painting. It could be your personal memory picture, maybe including symbolic objects, maybe created in your colour, but in any case custom-built.

Examples of memory pictures and proposals for backgrounds:

maylis-ashley_erinnerungsbilder_01.jpg maylis-ashley_erinnerungsbilder_02.jpg maylis-ashley_erinnerungsbilder_03.jpg maylis-ashley_erinnerungsbilder_04.jpg maylis-ashley_erinnerungsbilder_05.jpg maylis-ashley_erinnerungsbilder_05.jpg