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Make a wish!

For your private rooms at home or for your business rooms I would like to do a picture according to your wishes. Customer satisfaction is my top priority and everything in the picture can change, until you are content. I don’t draw up a tight draft and don’t cling to a certain style, but the picture evolves out of a, if you wish, joint process of working itself. You could visit the Studio as often as you wish and follow or change how the picture develops step by step. I log the stages of development by camera, e.g. for your computer.
This picture should be specifically tailor-made for the place where it is going to hang. It’s supposed to be individualized concerning the place, concerning the person, or concerning the activity. That means the room or the activity e.g. of the company or, if desired, a certain moment of your life story should be reflected in structure or for example in a sweeping gesture, in form, maybe even in the colour scheme of the picture. Possibly in a reduced and stylized form. So this is not about something fast nor random nor superficially decorative.

This kind of relatedness to place or person, nor this kind of joint process of working, no one else is going to offer you. This might take a bit longer – but the result should be as satisfying as possible for you and you will know layers and insights out of this process which might be hidden in the end because painted over.

Finally this picture as an example of contemporary Art will not be foreign and incomprehensible but familiar, as it will be your picture.

Insights into previous commissions:

maylis-ashley_auftragsarbeiten_01.jpg maylis-ashley_auftragsarbeiten_02.jpg maylis-ashley_auftragsarbeiten_03.jpg maylis-ashley_auftragsarbeiten_04.jpg maylis-ashley_auftragsarbeiten_05.jpg