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The special memory of a special day

for couples, for example wedding couples:

These pictures can contain objects, not necessarily originals, which are meaningful to the client(s). Is the viewer supposed to recognize those items? Are they supposed to remain slightly hidden?
An idea for a gift? Or an unconventional picture for yourself, maybe a memory of your wedding or of a part of your common life story. My paintings don’t resemble photographic images. However, a real, physical photograph can be incorporated within the painting. It could be your personal memory picture, maybe including symbolic objects, maybe created in your colour, but in any case custom-built.

Examples of memory pictures and proposals for backgrounds:

maylis-ashley_erinnerungsbilder_01.jpg maylis-ashley_erinnerungsbilder_02.jpg maylis-ashley_erinnerungsbilder_03.jpg maylis-ashley_erinnerungsbilder_04.jpg maylis-ashley_erinnerungsbilder_05.jpg maylis-ashley_erinnerungsbilder_05.jpg